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Zero Maybe More (in Arabic)

Sale priceKWD 4.000

صفر، ربّما أكثر

كان الصفر يسعى دائمًا لمسابقة الأرقام كلّها لأنّه لا يريد أن يكون صفرًا. الأمر الذي جعله دائمًا يقف على الشمال فأصبح دون قيمة، حتّى جاء ذلك اليوم ووقف على اليمين وفي الموقع المناسب وزادت قيمة الأرقام كلّها وأصبحت أعدادًا. 

ليس المهم أن تسبق الجميع، المهم أن تكون في موضعك الصحيح.


Zero Maybe More in Arabic! 

Introducing 'Zero Maybe More' - a captivating children's book that teaches young readers the power of self-acceptance and self-worth, all while learning the numbers.

Follow Zero's journey as he learns that being true to oneself is the key to unlocking one's true potential. Through fun and relatable stories, this book will show children that they don't have to compete with others to find their value.

With colorful illustrations and a heartwarming message, "Zero Maybe More" will not only educate children on numbers but also inspire them to be confident in themselves and find their own worth.

Get your copy today and help your child discover the magic of self-acceptance and learning numbers in a fun way.

  • Paperback book
  • Size: 240 x 240 mm
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
Zero Maybe More (in Arabic)
Zero Maybe More (in Arabic) Sale priceKWD 4.000